• Up Next Break Every Chain
    There is Power in the Name of Jesus
  • Up Next Tis So Sweet
    Jesus, Jesus, How I Trust Him
  • Up Next I Will Go In Jesus Name
    I Will Go, I Will Pray, I Will Walk, I Will Sing In His Name
  • Up Next Jesus Is My Help
    Why Am I Worried
  • Up Next More of You
    Lara Martin
  • Up Next Grateful, Grateful, Grateful
    Flowing from my heart are the isssues of my heart
  • Up Next Sing My Love
    I Gotta Shout
  • Up Next How Great Thou Art
    Then Sings My Soul
  • Up Next Love Has A Name
     (Night of Worship in Sacramento, CA)
  • Up Next Come Thou Fount
  • Up Next Way Maker
    That is Who You Are
  • Up Next I Need You More
    More than The Air I Breath
  • Up Next You Are
    None Greater None Higher
  • Up Next Great Are You Lord
    So We Pour Out Our Praise
  • Up Next Where You Go I Go
    What Ever Your Will Lord
  • Up Next Second Chance
    Show Me Where I'm Wrong and Forgive Me
  • Up Next Worship Medley
    In Christ Alone / Cornerstone / The Solid Rock 
  • Up Next First Love
    You Chose The Cross, You Chose Me
  • Up Next In Awe Of You
    Unstoppable Love
  • Up Next Let The Glory
    Without The Anointing My Success Won't Mean A Thing
  • Up Next Jesus Take The Wheel
    Save me from this road I'm on
  • Up Next Because He Lives
    Life is Worth the Living
  • Up Next I Surrender
    I Surrender It All To You
  • Up Next How Great Thou Are
    No One Can Comprehend - Wonderful
  • Up Next The Voice of Hope
    Lara Martin
  • Up Next Blessed Assurance
    Praising My Savior All The Day Long
  • Up Next Walk in the Light
    Jesus is the Light of the World
  • Up Next How He Loves Us
    His Love is So Deep
  • Up Next I Surrender All
    All To Thee My Blessed Savior
  • Up Next It Is Well
    And The Trumps Will Resound
  • Up Next How Amazing
    Lara Martin
  • Up Next God Is Trying To Tell You Something
    From the color purple
  • Up Next Take My Life
    I Live For You Only You
  • Up Next Every Praise
    Praising in the Streets
  • Up Next Shout to the Lord
    You Are Holy
  • Up Next Hymns Medley
  • Up Next Christ Did It All
    Now I'm Free
  • Up Next Worship Medley
    10,000 Reasons // What a Beautiful Name
  • Up Next How Lovely You Are
    Reaching the Deepest Places In My Heart
  • Up Next Worship Medley Mash-Up Playlist 2020
    My favorite worship mash-up songs
  • Up Next Your Love Never Fails
    With Chris Quilala
  • Up Next All I Need Is You
    I Need You, I Want You, Gotta Have You
 Jesus Culture /  unityingod /  22 February 2021 /  80 views

I Need You, I Want You, Gotta Have You

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